Tomáš Kedzior - Orbis Bassus

When I was buying my first acoustic bass guitar in the shop,
I was told by the seller not to play it above the twelfth fret.
Fortunately, I did not follow his „advice“.

So you can hear in following ten tracks my musical approach to acoustic bass guitar in many options and positions of this instrument. I would like to thank to my biggest inspiration, Swedish bassist Jonas Hellborg. His work brought me on the way of playing the extraordinary instrument halfway between electric bass and double bass guitar.

Solo bass album Orbis Bassus was recorded on the acoustic bass guitar Furch Durango BM-40 in 2012.


MP3's for download:

  1. Orbis Bassus
  2. V bouři
  3. Vrátit se
  4. Kývající se stromy
  5. Pokoj snů
  6. Palec nahoru
  7. Terasa
  8. Obřanská
  9. Klášter
  10. Klasika



Here you can download the full album Orbis Bassus in mp3 for free. Booklet and album art are par of the ZIP folder. You may print it and make your own CD cover. If you wish to purchase the original CD, write to:


Tomáš Kedzior - he plays bass over 20 years and gives to the music nearly all his free time. Bass is a means of artistic expression and also very often livelihoods. He appeared in many groups, but the ground of his production is solo bass. It is possible to hear him also in band Two Basses. Check his music on these websites: and

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